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Since 1978, PASSWP has been actively involved in the professional education of Home & School Visitors and School Social Workers in Pennsylvania.

Our Board works with the Department of Education, and other professional organizations, to stay on the cutting edge of trends in the field.  We look to experts to provide training for the school social workers and home and school visitors who are delivering critical support services to students across the Commonwealth.

We are devoted to maintaining the highest possible standards for school social work personnel employed in our schools.  To that end, we work with Schools of Social Work and programs that provide education for Home & School Visitors in colleges and universities located within our state.

PASSWP strives to offer a variety of continuing education options and networking opportunities for our members and the broader social services community.



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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Association of School  Social Work Personnel website.  As Home and School Visitors, School Social Workers and other critical support staff serving Pennsylvania's school-age children, you know and understand the value of making connections. You make connections with students, their families, staff in your local schools and districts, community agencies, and other people and organizations that can help Pennsylvania's children reach their full academic potential.

All of those connections are important to the work you do every day.  But how about connections with each other? Networking is important work in our field, and PASSWP is committed to providing you with opportunities to expand your professional networks--through conferences, regional trainings, and even through this website.

As a member, you will be able to access our Membership Database and find colleagues that can help you with a question or make a connection. You will also have access to up-to-date information about developments in the field that impact your work.  Remember that you also can be a resource for colleagues and the wider profession.  Please feel free to share information about what you are doing and offer your perspective on others input under the Networking tab.

We hope that you find the PASSWP website useful. Please feel free to share your thoughts or feedback about our website or PASSWP initiatives.  We strive to provide our members with education and training that meets the evolving needs of our field, and networking opportunities that allow you to expand your practice. 

Thank you for being a part of PASSWP.

                                             Peter Fidgett,  H.S.V. -  L.S.W.


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Home and School Visitor certificate? 

Bryn Mawr College has launched a certification program - click here for more information.

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